nwi home buidersAt Precision Construction, you’ll work with a team professionals who believe customer service is just about the most important service we can provide.

From the early stages of planning – when you bring us your ideas and living space requirements – our experienced team, using state-of-the-art technology, will help design a floor plan to match your needs and lifestyle.

You’ll save on outside design fees as our staff architect incorporates your own ideas, adds new ideas, or completely designs a new floor plan for you. Every team member takes charge of their area of responsibility and coordinates progress with other departments – from blueprints to final inspection.

During the construction phase our service includes frequent quality assurance inspections and the flexibility for any final modifications needed to complete your home – on time and on budget.

Nearing completion, our custom interior design team helps you make the right decorating choices for your new home – including colors, finishes and materials.