Kitchen Reveal of Client No More White

On – 02 Feb, 2017 By Emily

If you missed the first post about Client No More White you can catch up here.

What a luxury to do a “before” post and a reveal in one week!  (I actually have another one coming in a few weeks!) This renovation took place last fall and life got really busy so I didn’t get a chance to take the after photos until last week.  Walking into her house was like walking into a completely different house than before!  Not only was the kitchen new, but the whole house felt loved in a way that it didn’t before.  My heart was warmed hearing how much she loves her new kitchen.  It’s why I love to do what I’m doing!

If you recall, this is what we started with:

And now for picture overload of the finished product.

What you can’t see in the picture above is that the ceiling is vaulted, so each pendant is attached to the ceiling at a different height.  That was a “fun” challenge for the contractors to get the lights all at the same height.

We were going to do “white” uppers (or a creamy white per my client’s request), but she decided that her heart was set on all stained cabinetry.  We lightened things up by having the island painted the creamy off white color she loves.  The contrast was perfect.

These next photos show my favorite part of the renovation: the bar.  My client wanted a place for more storage as well as to have a set-apart bar that would be ideal for entertaining.

ugh.  the glare of the chandelier. sorry! amateur photog here.

These tiles.  I can’t say enough about the look of handmade subway tiles.  They reflect light and add so much texture, yet are simple and understated at the same time.

And did you catch that we carried the tile up into the glass-front cabinets?  Unique touches like that are what sets apart builder grade kitchens from custom. Every kitchen needs a little something to make it extra special and what a beautiful background for all of her stemware and fancy plates.

I felt like the kitchen got cut short by the peninsula, so in order to maximize counter space and add more storage (storage was very important to my client!), I had the countertop wrap around that wall providing space for a coffee bar area.

Just a little bit of a transformation don’t you think?  I’m extremely grateful for this project, for my first real client, and for her trusting me with her home.



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